Questions Set 83: Solution


  • You received $30,000 from your grandparents. You want to investment it to fund your mortgage down-payment in four years. You want to buy a house that is at least $200,000 but no more than $300,000. Normally, banks require home buyers to make 20% (of the house price) down-payment. What is the minimum and maximum interest rates that you need to earn on your investment?
  • You want to buy a Volvo in 4 years, after you graduate from college. The car is currently selling for $35,000, and the price will increase at a rate of 5% per year. Your friend, Bob, introduces to you a one-time chance to earn 14% per year over the next 4 years. And you want to grab this chance to plan for your purchase. How much do you need to invest today so that you are able to buy your dream car after graduation?
  • If inflation rate runs at 3% annually, how long does it take for prices to double?
  • Your current bank is paying a 6.25% annual simple interest rate with monthly compounding. You can move your money to Harris Bank that pays 6.25% annual compound interest rate, or to First Chicago Bank, which pays 6.8% compounded semiannually. To maximize your return, which bank should you choose?

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